Scenic Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC has been recognized as a top nursing facility in Missouri by Newsweek Magazine, ranking 9 out of 524 nursing facilities in the state.

Newsweek’s “America’s Best Nursing Homes 2021” highlights the nation’s top nursing homes, compared to others in the same state. It bases these comparisons on performance data, peer recommendations and the facility’s handling of COVID-19.

“Working together to combat the COVID-19 crisis, our Team’s proactive approach helped slow the spread. Each member of our Team plays a vital role in supporting the facility and keeping our resident’s safe and healthy during this pandemic.” Director of Nursing, Jamiee Allen.

“Our Team’s collaborative and proactive approach in handling COVID-19 pandemic at Scenic allowed us to maintain a healthy environment for our residents, and a positive working climate for our staff. Our on-going, collective efforts ensure our residents’ comfort and safety, and are a daily focus in all operations. Congratulations, Team Scenic!” Executive Director, Tyler Czarnecki